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Ultimate U Medical is a leading integrative health facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Patients rely upon Ultimate U Medical for compassionate individualized care in a comfortable setting. The friendly team, led by board-certified physician Kathleen Smith, MD, offers primary care, hormone replacement therapy for both men and women, regenerative medicine, medical weight loss, medical marijuana, and more.

Ultimate U Medical uses the most advanced and most effective type of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy that exists today. PRP therapy with this unique German method boosts the body’s own regeneration powers by 500%, making it an excellent choice for natural healing of many acute and chronic pain-causing conditions and diseases.

The Ultimate U Medical team emphasizes whole-body wellness, and their goal is to guide patients to that optimal state of health using the most natural means possible. At this time, the Ultimate U Medical team is welcoming new patients at their Southwest Las Vegas office. Call or click to book your appointment today.


Ultimate U Medical
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